Second Nature

The nature which addresses the camera is profoundly different from that which addresses the human eye. It differs in that, instead of a world permeated by human subjectivity, film shows one permeated by the unconscious. Technology has presented itself as a second nature, no less fundamental than that faced by prehistoric society. As a result, time and time again, humanity undergoes a similar instruction in relation to this second nature as it pushes for development – which it invented, but which it no longer controls - as it did in the past in relation to the first. What these films show however, is that the unconscious can be brought to the surface, expressed willingly through spaces which border the surreal, through experiments with man-made computer viruses and the effects they have on media and mediums, as well as through seemingly randomized montages of various images as well as image production mechanisms and their take on incoming disaster. We are urged to consider a default, unaltered state of being while also understanding the permanence of exploitation. And we are helped to reconcile film as a body, which contains the duality of spirit and matter. (Emil Vasilache)


Davor Sanvincenti | Duration 22 min

An audiovisual essay that summons imagination through a travelogue of constructed and anonymous landscapes. A note about the future. Narratives that intertwine in the interstices between the visual, the auditory, and the expressed, speaking about loss, responsibility, struggle and freedom.


Graeme Arnfield | Duration 31 min

Equal parts systems literacy and kaleidoscopic ecological fantasia, Pervading Animal is a film about butterflies, computer viruses and all the things they touch.


Kent Chan | Duration 21 min

The film examines through twin montages the contexts, politics, and proliferation of different aesthetics of heat. Aesthetics that are often generalised – charged with vibrancy, vitality, and visual complexity – that are increasingly mined at a time when the earth is simultaneously warming.


Janaina Wagner | Duration 25 min

An encounter between the entity Curupira, a queer devil who protects the forests of Brazil, and the incarnated ghost of Iracema, a fourteen-year-old sex worker who is on a quest to avenge the past.