Legacies of Love

Love stories have always been at the heart of the imaginarium of cinema. Legacies of Love ventures beyond the well known genre paradigms, exploring different facets of affective memory by interrogating significant gestures, silences and absences. It’s hard to translate the intensity of love into words, but at times the feeling can be contained in a telling glance or in the image of now empty spaces that were once the backdrop for happy memories. The films in this section are small crystals deposited on the core of vulnerability and nostalgia, returning the knife’s hilt to our hands every time, urging us to twist it in the wound. (Andreea Chiper)


Serge Garcia | Duration 24 min

In three segments of everyday life filled with monotonous activities, Serge Garcia articulates a meditation on the storms hidden behind the daily silence, the routine that overwhelms us from all sides.


Charlie López | Duration 12 min

The Swimmers is an essay pedalling along the slippery edge of a swimming pool: in archival footage, film clips and heartbreaking testimonies, Charlie Lopez investigates, with both humour and lyricism, all that a swimming pool can mean in our lives.


Maryam Tafakory | Duration 19 min

Drawing on hundreds of hours of Iranian films, Nazarbazi is a quest into the terrain of forbidden sentiment, where the only possible protest against the state-imposed censorship of on-screen affection is to silently splice dusty images.


Felix Klee | Duration 14 min

Homesick Lungs combines 3D animations, screen recordings and documentary footage to form an essay on reconstructed memory, marked by the death of a horse and the sale of the director's childhood farm.


Carl Elsaesser | Duration 30 min

Home When You Return is an attempt to evoke the figure of a grandmother in a world where American melodramas are still alive: through a mournful letter, through an empty house, through the image of another woman from the same time and another world.