Andrés Jurado
Portugal/Columbia, 2022
21 min

Yakomena’s story didn’t end with his death: decades after he died, a filmmaker returns to the mythical Colombian fighter to remind us of a lesson about resistance in front of colonialist oppression.

Yarokamena is a legendary character: organising rebellions against Western rubber tappers in the early 20th century, the Amazonian native became a mythical figure, synonymous with resistance in the face of colonialist aggression. Gerardo Sueche Cañube evokes Yakomena disguised as an incandescent figure, recounting the violent history of the Europeans arrival, wrapped in blood-coloured light. As if through a porthole, we see the ruins of the exploitations, sad skeletons of modern civilization, now rusted and forgotten. Brought to life by a soft voice, the ghosts of the tortured and murdered natives appear among the ruins, we hear the desperate screams of raped women and the echoes of brutally interrupted destinies haunt the ruins. (Andreea Chiper)

Data proiecție și locație

30th of September, 20:00, Cinema Elvire Popesco


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Andrés Jurado

Andrés Jurado (b. 1980, Colombia) is an artist, filmmaker and producer. His work explores the intersections between experimental and expanded cinema, archives, counter archive, contemporary art, propaganda, mosquitoes, aliens, the space race, and the incidences of those in the construction of contemporary narratives and politics. His works have been presented in Docs Buenos Aires, MIDBO Bogotá International Documentary Festival, EMAF, among others. He is the co-founder and co-director of the Laboratory of Experimental Cinema and Expanded Theater La Vulcanizadora. He was part of the Forensic Architecture Team in the Investigation into land dispossession, disappearance, and deforestation in Colombia, 2021.

  • Technical sheet
  • PERFORMER: Gerardo Sueche Cañube
  • PRODUCTION: La Vulcanizadora
  • COPRODUCTION: Kintop Films
  • PRODUCERS: Maria Rojas Arias, Ansgar Schaefer
  • WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Goethe-Institut Kolumbien, Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual ICA, Fondo para el Desarrollo Cinematográfico FDC.





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Andrés Jurado | Duration 21 min

Yakomena's story didn't end with his death: decades after he died, a filmmaker returns to the mythical Colombian fighter to remind us of a lesson about resistance in front of colonialist oppression.


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