Sabina Suru
Romania/Germany, 2020
5 min.

The choreography of simple, undulating gestures of a few pairs of hands goes through the blurry images of faulty technologies.

Cinema was born technologically unstable, a poor child of the old imperfect history of industrialization. But its mistakes are forgotten, as the new purpose of technology turns out to be anti-human perfection, one without a past and that aims for the future. Sabina Suru’s film comes as a respiro to such a state of affairs: choreographing a pair of hands in simple, undulating movements, familiar to all of us, the artist inserts more and more “mistakes” into the images, passing them from one blurring effect to another. Because if everything would’ve been in 4K, then we wouldn’t have seen anything anymore. (Călin Boto, BIEFF 2022)

Date and Location

1st of October, 21:00, Cinemateca Eforie


Premii și festivaluri

Sabina Suru

Sabina Suru is a multimedia artist and cultural manager, based in Bucharest. Throughout her professional practice, she has built on the relation between visual arts (silver-based, alternative and experimental photography, photo-object, holography, interactive or participatory installation) and scientific practices (optics, physics, chemistry), as a basis for innovating how we look at, relate to and develop art and culture. In 2019, she co-founded Qolony, an NGO for art & science projects, followed by Marginal, in 2022, with a wider focus toward participatory and tech-based approaches. She collaborates with artists and practitioners from various fields, such as science research, contemporary dance or speculative research.

  • Technical sheet
  • MUSIC: Monocube
  • EDITING: Andrei Tudose
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Robin Cracknell

National Short Film Competition 2

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Dragoș Hanciu | Duration 16 min.

Blurring the line between memory and imagination, the film tells the story of a girl and her father, who have embarked on a wintery voyage. As the girl loses her sight, she reminisces about a strange encounter with a baby flamingo, while her father questions her experience.


Chrystèle Nicot, Antoine Alesandrini | Duration 29 min.

Two neo-peasants, digital avatars in the flesh, are put to work by a mini usb windmill in order to keep the village running. They imagine themselves alone and are surprised when their paths finally cross. Serendipity?


Adrian Țofei | Duration 12 min.

How would a found footage film look like if the footage were never found? This conceptual art experiment questions the very nature of cinema while serving as an ironic tribute to the found footage horror and its specific pop culture.


Sabina Suru | Duration 5 min.

The choreography of simple, undulating gestures of a few pairs of hands goes through the blurry images of faulty technologies.


Alexandra Tatar | Duration 32 min.

This video, both diaristic as well as essayistic, has to do with two tired women, mother and daughter, eating together after work. The manipulated images of monotonously picturesque landscapes interrupt the flow of the quotidian drama in the seasonal workers’ daily lives.


Alina Manolache | Duration 14 min.

Three pairs of robots engage in dialogue. How does artificial intelligence see the world? How does it see itself? There is a hidden tenderness in their algorithmic musings – what seems to preoccupy the robots most is the definition of being human.