Kiro Russo
Bolivia/Franța/Qatar/Elveția, 2021
85 min.

Three men venture into the noise and chaos of La Paz in search of a temporary means of subsistence. A big-hearted old woman, a wandering healer and the entire population of the city’s markets are helpless witnesses to the three men’s struggles.

A city has never been treated simultaneously with such poetry and sense of reality: the urban architecture of La Paz may tell us a lot about chaos, but it is equally true that it speaks, in mysterious cadences, about the actors working at the foundation of this chaos. Kiro Russo’s characters are incurably ill, weary people in search of relief or, simply put, a decent way of surviving, however temporary. The constant oscillation between documentary and fiction, their symbiosis so organic, the warm colours drowned in desolation and darkness – all part of the tectonic movements of a city where salvation is a pale shadow cast into an uncertain future. (Andreea Chiper, BIEFF 2022)

Date and Location

1st of Octomber, 18:30, Cinema Elvire Popesco


Premii și festivaluri

Kiro Russo

Born in La Paz and trained at FUC Buenos Aires, Kiro  Russo has directed 3 short films – Entreprisse (2010), Juku (2012), Nueva vida (2015) – and a feature film, Viejo Calavera (2016). His debut feature, Viejo Calavera, was selected in more than 80 festivals and won 23 awards including the Special Mention of the Jury in Locarno in 2016, the Grand Prize in Cartagena FF, the Special Mention in San Sebastián FF, the Jury Prize in Valdivia FF, the Fipresci Prize at the Rio de Janeiro FF, the Grand Prize in Indie Lisboa.

  • Technical sheet
  • Production and distribution
  • SCREENPLAY: Kiro Russo
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Pablo Paniagua
  • EDITING: Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Felipe Gálvez
  • SOUND: Mauricio Quiroga, Mercedes Tennina, Juan Pedro Razzari, Emmanuel Croset

PRODUCERS: Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Alexa Rivero

ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Dan Wechsler Jamal Zeinal-Zade, Andreas Roald, Miguel Ángel Peñaloza

International Feature Film Competition

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Kiro Russo | Duration 85 min.

Three men venture into the noise and chaos of La Paz in search of a temporary means of subsistence. A big-hearted old woman, a wandering healer and the entire population of the city's markets are helpless witnesses to the three men's struggles.


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